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CBS News and JFK (The Adamant Machine) Parts 16-18

Possession of People’s Minds


In 1955, when Mr. Johnson was making a Sunday visit to the Farm of George McGeeHee another Texan, our UN? ambassador. That was near Washington. Johnson was hit rather (Eric Severeid adjusts his seat) hard with a heart attack  He thought at first it was only acute indigestion. Uh, Senator Clinton Anderson of New Mexico was there at the time for this luncheon and he said, at once, (Erik Severeid clears his throat)

 “You have had a heart attack.”

Johnson was taken to a hospital and he slowly recovered. For sometime after that, uh, his strength was considerably diminished. I remember  him telling reporters once that on Monday morning he said I’m full of energy, by Wednesday night I’m tired out. But all that changed, his full strength came back and in recent years he has demonstrated his old energies, and they’re great energies, in the daily whirl of activities including a good many trips around this country and abroad. He is now personally acquainted with all the world leaders that the President was acquainted with including Mr. Kruschev. And his grasp of domestic politics, of course, is quite profound at the general and intellectual level as well as the practical working level of the total human machinery that makes our rather cumbered system work.

His fierce fight against Kennedy for the nomination in 1960 now seems only yesterday to most of us. His great prestige in Washington itself was not, at that time, matched by, uh, his prestige and his fame in the country at large. This was a great struggle right down to those final hours in the convention. And then Mr. Kennedy chose Johnson to be his running mate partly because he had to have the south and Johnson was regarded as the one man who could conciliate the southern conservatives. And this he did. And there were some who said later that Mr. Kennedy really owed his election to Lyndon Johnson. In any case, Johnson has never shown any, uh, jealousy what so ever, any kind of bitterness. He became the President’s lieutenant in full fidelity in private, as well as, in public. But as Vice Presidents do, certainly under a very energetic and active President, he slowly faded from national consciousness. And when the President died today he and Mr. Kennedy were in uh the President and uh the Vice President were engaged behind the scenes in Texas in trying to settle a rather fierce feud within the Texas Democratic Party between the Johnson-Connally uh forces and the Liberal Groups led by Senator Ralph Yarborough. All that, of course now, seems petty and of no consequence. In retrospect, it doesn’t matter. Mr. Johnson is the President and Texas will be his personal political base in toto. (licks 2:41/10:51)

And when the sorrows today begins to fade, when the President has been laid to rest, the machinery of the National Government will take up again. And again Americans will have to think ahead not only to what lines of policy and action the new President will follow but, of course, also to the election of next year. Mr. Johnson will be the nominated next August at the Democratic Convention if he wishes it, and I’m sure most observers would predict now that he will wish it. All estimations on the outcome of that election next November, of course, are now rather without meaning. Election, like the course this great country itself, now lies with fate in the continuing nature of our times and in our world.

And now back to Walter to you.


Conversation between Eric and Walter which is very illuminating

and kind of funny when you watch it:

Um, all right. That matter that you’ve suggested a little earlier on this afternoon of the danger of a violent reaction to the right wing in America assessing very probably improperly the assassination as being the resp the responsibility resting there already is beginning to come to light. Uh, you saw perhaps, uh maybe you were busy

Erik Severeid No, I missed that.  I missed that Walter.

Walter Cronkite -Uh, well the some interviews in the streets of New York and two or three people were laying the blame right there.

Erik Severeid – Well, it’s much too early for that sort of thing. ICK 

Walter CronkiteOh, of course it is. The Soviet Union, however, is doing that. Tass has announced that extreme right wing elements were undoubtedly to blame.

Erik Severeid This will be tragic if uh anything of this sort either takes possession of people’s minds

if there is,

if there’s any truth in it.  ICK

Walter Cronkite – All right.


We now have some new film in at our Washington Bureau so lets switch back to Washington now and Neil Strausser:

Washington, Walter, is still in the state of shock except for those departments responsible for seeing to this smooth transition of the Presidency from Mr. Kennedy to Mr. Johnson. Almost no work is being done. Most Federal and District of Columbia workers are being sent home an hour early.

On Capitol Hill almost all of the comments contain the words tragic loss, disasterous.

First word of the shooting was carried to the Senate floor by Richard Rydell, a Press Liason aide, whose job it is to watch the tickers in the Senate Cloakroom and keep Senators up to date on world happenings.

Rydell tells of his fateful mission:



 Well, uh, the routine, the tickers in the lobby, AP and UP tickers, are read by Senators and Staff Members for routine information. Ah Phyllis Rock of the Staff of Senator Morris of Oregon was in the lobby by herself reading the ticker. Uh, she turned to one of my assistants, Tom Pelican is with Senator Long of Missoura and his office part of the time and said the President has been shot. Tom rushed out to tell me. I immediately went into the Senate Chamber to the, over to the, in front of the desk of, of uh Majority Leader Senator Mike Mansfield. Raised my voice so that he and the Senators, the surrounding desks, could hear and said

 Senators, the President has been shot.

It, of course, was like a shock wave, a jolt. I crossed the aisle to the Republican side where…..

garbled  6:11/10:51 glitch but sounds like


whether inserted in  for what ever reason

I don’t know, but it is in this recording!

Ankh is egyptian and so is Amen-ra/re the common ending of prayers by most Christians. Amen is an Egyptian god. I’m sure the addition was added into the gospels by Amen’s followers either through deception on their part or because of their being deceived, nevertheless it’s wrong! Until people wake up to the machinery it will continue to cap the population with its power to deceive, ruling over us – all the while claiming that we are liberated, as it kills us inside and out.

I think “The machinery” is why President Kennedy was assassinated and “the machinery” is what JFK was going to speak about and had already warned about in an earlier speech. However, I cannot find a visual tape of him making that speech, which I find to be odd and that is why I think that was what he planned to say at the Trade Mart in Dallas. Possibly, he was going to shed light on who was “the machinery” at the Trade Mart luncheon in Dallas, but instead was hi-jacked beforehand, and it seems to be his own friends and those he was trying to help that are involved, even his family. The deception is so steep and ingrained into their hearts ……they blindly follow in myriads of ways, the wrong ways.

What is worse and hard to understand is the deception of and by the Clergy……the Chief priests and the Legion who should know better and I think many do know better, but they do it anyway to yours, mine, our loved ones destruction.

They obviously are masters of deception and disguise!

Please read: 

Chief Priests and the Legion – Revised


back to the transcript:

was seated and in the same manner told Senator Dirkson and the Republican Senators who were at adjacent desks. I would, of course, the same shock reaction and stunned uh expressions on their faces.

I then happen to recall at a few moments before the Presidents brother uh, Senator uh Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, was presiding over the Senate. I turned and he was still occupying the chair. I knew that someone would have to inform him and I thought I might as well. It was a very difficult, very difficult job, because of the family relationship, as well as, the friendship of the Senators to the President.

I rushed up to the chair and said Senator, Senator Kennedy your brother the President has been shot. He gave a a jerk, his body, his body tensed, but he was absolutely calm. And as I recall, Senator Kennedy, then presiding over the Senate, when he heard this awful news said, “No” and that was all. In an orderly manner, he gathered up the papers on his desk that he, his routine office uh work that he brings when he presides over the Senate, so that he can conserve the time the long hours presiding over the Senate by working on his office work.

I walked off the rostrum with him with my arm around Senator Kennedy patting his shoulders and said Senator, if there’s anything any of us can do, let us know. My own suggestion would be that you contact the Air Force and have them rush you out to Texas to your brothers side in a jet, in a military jet.

He said, “Thank you. I’m going to call the White House and the Attorney General.”

 where upon by that time we had reached a phone in the lobby and he immediately put in calls to the White House and to the to to the Department of Justice seeking all the information and contact with his brother a good friend Bobby Kennedy.


back to Neil Strausser

Of course, that trip to Dallas Texas proved unnecessary. Senator Edward Kennedy and his sister Eunice Shriver later this afternoon flew red-eyed and somber to Hyannis Port, Massachusetts to be with their parents. The late President’s youngest brother and his sister the wife of the Peace Corps Director arrived at Andrews Air Force Base at 3:20 PM by helicopter and within minutes had boarded a jet for Cape Cod to be with the ailing former Ambassador Joseph Kennedy and Mrs. Rose Kennedy.

This is Neil Strausser in Washington.


And now, lets switch back to Dallas, Texas where Don Rather….. Dan Rather is standing by.



Dan Rather:  Walter, we have some additional film taken at and near Parkland Hospital where President John Kennedy died. Uh, this film is in rough-cut form. These are some of the witnesses in the area of the shooting.  There was a great deal of disbelief at first that the President had even been shot and even more disbelief that he was dead. This is in the area of the Emergency Room of the hospital, I believe. We have Eddie Barker, News Director of KRLD Television and Radio, our affiliate, in Dallas.

Eddie, this is near the emergency room of the hospital, is it not.

Eddie Barker:  Uh, yes Dan, that is correct. And that’s a Secret Service Agent, there, who is uh talking to the crowd. Uh, we uh talked to to some people who we would consider as very good sources. Uh this is uh uh when they were getting ready to uh uh to leave the hospital. And, uh, it was very difficult to get any film, because Secret Service Agents, uh, were, uh, quite adamant in keeping everyone back, uh, a good distance from.

This is Senator Yarborough, here, I believe.

Dan Rather:  Senator Yarborough

Eddie Barker:   Yes.

Dan Rather:   was one of the first, uh, to get

Eddie Barker:   Yes.

Dan Rather:   the word that the President’s death.

Eddie Barker:   Right.

Dan Rather:  He is a Democrat of Texas, Senator Ralph Yarborough.

Eddie Barker:  Right.

Eddie Barker:  This is, uh, Father Huber from Holy Trinity Church, in Dallas, who administered the last rites to the President. There were two priests, uh, in attendance. And I, uh, I do not know the other ones name, at this time.

Father Huber looks very much like, 

Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries,

Charles Stanley

“Charles Stanley received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Richmond.

He later obtained his Masters of Divinity from 

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Lastly, he received his Masters and Doctorate, both in theology – Th.M. and Th.D., respectively – from Luther Rice Seminary, in Florida (later relocated to Lilburn GA).”

Father Huber also resembles Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr.

Interesting article:

Arthur Schlesinger Jr.’s Not-So-Secret Career as a Spy

Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., a Partisan Historian of Power, Is Dead at 89

In New York, he was a man about town, whether at Truman Capote’s famous parties or escorting Jacqueline Kennedy to the movies.

Above is Father Huber according to McAdams Site who looks very much like Cardinal McIntyre of LA

who said he was eating dinner with Cardinal Ritter in Rome at the time of the news of the assassination

relayed in both CBS and NBC news coverage.

Quick to distance himself early …as well as, his compadre Ritter.

If he is Huber in the photo taken at the hospital then he must have shrunk or sucked in his lips…that, or the man at the hospital had lip augmentation to fool us. It is obviously not the same guy in any which way that you look at them.

These are a few snapshots of the unnamed priest in the dark hat.




continuation of DanRather and Eddie Barker reporting:

Eddie Barker: There were shocked, uh, people all around, as you can see, from these crowds many of them hospital employees.

Dan Rather:  Uh, quite a large crowd gathered at the hospital.

Eddie Barker:  Yes, uh, there was, uh, quite a traffic jam out there.

Looks like a woman hyper-ventilating and breathing in a paper sack or crying hiding behind the object in her hand.

Dan Rather:  These scenes are at Parkland Hospital in Dallas,

Eddie Barker:  That’s correct.

Dan Rather:  ….where President John Kennedy died.

Eddie Barker  Dan I, I uh, don’t know whether you are aware of this, or not: uh, Mrs. Kennedy, uh, maintained her composure, we understand, uh, up until the time that she actually went into, uh, the room where the, uh, Presidents body lay and uh, she said,

“Jack, Jack, no, no,”  was, uh, the uh, was the word, were the words that she used.

Note : because that is what Jackie says she said


President Kennedy was shot. 

 She rode, uh, from the hospital to the airport, uh, in the back section of the hertz. It was a cream colored (Eddie adjusts his glasses), um, hertz belonging to a local funeral home, here. The curtains were drawn, but as she, uh, as the, uh, hertz left, Mrs. Kennedy could be seen in the back and the President’s body was airborne at 47 minutes past 2:00 o’clock.

That’s Central Standard Time.

Dan Rather:  Texas time, yes.


This is an interesting conversation because Mr. Eddie Barker wants to be sure to say that

Texas Time is Central Standard Time!

Or is he saying something else in regards to the assassination of President Kennedy

such as

now it’s Texas Time?

But Walter Cronkite  said that Central time was not Texas time.

I realize that now Central time is Texas time,

but I have no idea whether Texas time was Central Standard time

at the time when President Kennedy was assassinated!


Please read part 15 at the beginning of the tape Walter Cronkite announces :

“He died there at one PM Central Standard Time

at noon Dallas time today.”


Dan Rather:  We covered Mrs. Kennedy yesterday in San Antonio as she arrived with her husband (Eddie Barker adjusts his notes and then at 1:30/10:03 Eddie with his fore finger and middle finger as seen in photo above which looks like the signal that Billy Graham gave when Jackie received the puppet over the fence line at the airport. I may be reading too much into all of these signals or gestures of these reporters, but I am just trying to be as precise as possible about those gestures) and the Lyndon Johnsons.

There had been some reports from the White House Press Corp that Mrs. Kennedy was reluctant to make the Texas Trip. It had been billed in many quarters as strictly a political trip and as Mrs. Kennedy arrived in San Antonio she at first appeared to be rather ill at ease, but later in the day she seemed to warm up to the occasion and I noticed today in both Fort Worth and Dallas that she really seemed to be enjoying herself. I think with Mrs. Kennedy there was, uh, some reluctance to come to this state, because people would tell her Well, they’re a different kind of people. Uh, but she did seem to be enjoying herself thoroughly throughout the day.

 Her husband was assassinated ……but Dan Rather is saying that Jackie was enjoying herself. What a strange thing to say!

Eyewitnesses at the shooting say that in the early moments immediately after the shooting that the President’s head was in Mrs. Kennedy’s lap and that Mrs. Kennedy did, co uh, restrain herself, did have her composure until the time she went into the hospital where uh the President, then dead, uh, was. (Dan Rather licks)

That certainly made no sense at the end. This is a weird conversation from Dan Rather, as if chiding Mrs. Kennedy, I think.

Is Dan Rather mocking?

Eddie Barker:   She a walked out of the hospital, Dan, under her own power. Uh, there was no one, uh, from where we were standing, there was no one uh uh holding on to her arms. She walked out. She was hatless when she came out of the, uh, Emergency Exit and ,uh, got into the, uh, Hertz that bore the body to the airport.

Is Eddie Barker mocking?

Dan Rather:  Eddie a lot of questions are going to be asked (Eddie adjusts glasses) about what kind of place is Dallas, Texas. Just recently there was the publicity about the city and the rough reception that the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson got here, that was the occassion in which he was spat upon, and hit with a picket sign. (Eddie scratches left eye brow temple area) Uh, I think Mayor Cabell (pronounced with long A sound)

Eddie Barker:  Cabell (corrects Dan about pronounciation with short A sound)

Dan Rather:  Cabell only yesterday made a statement saying that this city was quite anxious to give President Kennedy an especially warm welcome, because of that incident. But there going to be a lot of questions asked in the coming days about what kind of place is Dallas, Texas uh a place in which this could happen. You’re a long time resident here and in the eyes of many, uh, sort of Mr. Dallas. Could you tell us what kind of place this is?

Eddie Barker:  Dan, it’s a, Dan actually it’s a very fine place and it’s a very fine city and, uh, uh, I know the city fathers have discussed this in great length.

Who are the city fathers?

or does he mean uh uh Fathers? as in Priests?

but uh uh there is an element that has developed here in the past few years uh that considers itself a uh wing, uh, very much to the right, the far right, and uh, this, this is certainly a very uh small minority. I know today at the luncheon that the President was to have attended and I looking over the uh people who were there and there were many Republicans, there were many uh conservative Democrats, but they were all out there to welcome and to honor the the Office of the President of the United States. And um this uh this is something that uh certainly this city is going to be uh living with for a long time, but uh this does not in any way reflect the great majority of the people here. Politics in this town or uh different certainly than they are in a lot of places uh. There are many factions of the Democratic party. Uh the Republican Party as you know is very strong. We have a Republican Congressman.

We had a situation here a few years back uh you may remember when uh uh Senator Johnson had his uh uh then Senator uh Johnson had his problems in one of the down town hotels. That was

Dan Rather:  That was in the 1960 campaign.

I have no idea what he is talking about, sorry. 

Eddie Barker:  Yes. Yes. But this is a minority group and certainly is not a reflection of this this community. Many of these leaders I will say in closing when the word came today at the Market, at the Trade Mart, uh that the President was dead uh they broke down and cried. It was a very moving thing.

Dan Rather:  We’re going to switch now from Dallas, Texas back to CBS News Headquarters in New York.


Walter Cronkite

The news, as you know it, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas today.

Twelve twenty-five (12:25) he was shot in a motorcade on route to a speech in Dallas from the Dallas airport and died 35 minutes later. Lyndon Baines Johnson, 55 year old Vice President, took the Oath of Office in an airplane at Love Field and is flying back to Washington to take the reins of government.

Governor John Connally of Texas was shot also and is in serious condition at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Charles Collingwood if you want to come in and relieve me a little while. We are at CBS News. Going to stay on the air throughout this day to bring you details as we have them.

That Presidential Plane is expected back in Washington now we are told at 6:05 with the Presidents body. Charles?


Charles Collingwood

As Walter Cronkite has told you, the Vice President, the former Vice President, the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson is on his way back to Washington after having been sworn in in the Executive Compartment of the same plane which brought President Kennedy to Dallas, Texas this morning. (licks)

President Johnson was sworn in by Judge Sarah Hughes, a Federal Judge in Texas, who wept with emotion as she administered the Oath of Office to the Vice President by which he became the President of the United States. At the ceremony, Mrs. Johnson, who had accompanied the President on the the uh tour of Texas, was there as were various staff members, Congressmen who were present, and all those with some official capacity or who uh could be brought into the ceremony.

It’s in the nature of things, of our Presidential succession, that the emphasis, the spotlight, is now upon the new President. No one is ever prepared for an event of this kind, not the Secret Service which can only take the most effective precautions possible and can never safeguard against some twisted person who can circumvent the most careful precautions that can be taken.

Of course,

if the men in government are twisted,

and if the men in the clergy are twisted

then anything twisted can happen

no matter how great a system works.

It isn’t the machinery that makes a great country.

That is like saying my computer makes me great.

We may have the tools, but are we using them right?

Who is Benefitting?

We certainly are being bombarded in every which way!

We may have “the word”

but are we interpreting and understanding

 “the word”


Not the public certainly, not the officials of government, but the machinery for the succession to the Presidency of the United States has been well tested over the years. And thus it was that less than 2 hours after the Presidents death, Vice President Johnson was sworn-in in the plane which brought the President to to Texas and which took another President back to Washington D.C..

Also on route to Washington in the air is the President’s body, accompanied by Mrs.Kennedy who was in the same automobile with him when the assassin’s bullet was fired in Texas, in Dallas, Texas, this morning.

We continue to have reports, fragmentary and confused still, as the law enforcement machinery in Texas on both the State, the City and the Federal level are engaged in trying to find the persons or person, the person or the persons responsible for the bullet which was fired from the building which overlooked the route by which the cavalcade uh which the cavalcade followed as the President, the Governor of Texas, the Vice President, Senator Yarborough, assorted dignitaries, moved from down town Texas to a Trade Mart on the outskirts.

A bulletin here from Dallas says that Governor John Connally of Texas wounded by the sniper who assassinated President Kennedy was described this afternoon as being in a very, very serious, but not critical, condition.

Julian Reid an aide to Governor Connally said that Connally suffered three wounds: one in the right arm, one in the right leg, and one in the back that pierced his body. Julian said that Connally had been in surgery an hour and probably would be there for another hour.




Now, for a report from our Mobile Unit in Chicago. We go to Chicago and Russ Bensly:

The flagstaff tells the story at the corner of State and Madison Streets. Beneath it the bright lights, the Christmas demonstrations. But they have no joy today. Here in Chicago the crowds who came downtown to shop are standing around in silence and sorrow in the rain.

The strange thing is you don’t even notice it’s raining, and if you do notice, you don’t care.

 How Stupid!

Most of those who have talked to us here share the universal feeling of shock.

Some have a feeling of anger.

We thought we’d let you hear how they feel.

Sir, how did the news of President Kennedy’s death affect you?

-As a man of God, I would say that I felt the impact of the snipers bullet. I would also s-say that I felt the pain that the President had in his dying moments. Thank you.

You, sir?

-I’m shocked, very shocked at this, ah We read about many countries losing their heads of government through assassination, but I never dreamed that it would ever happen to our head of government. I’m very sad, indeed.

Thank you. How do you feel, sir?

It was once said that history repeats itself.

Look at Abe Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth. The rain you see here in Chicago is not rain, it’s emotion.

Looks like the soft jazz singer! Harry Conick, Jr.

Sir, how do you feel?

-Well, I feel shocked. I can hardly express my emotion and I hope that the country will survive.


-I can’t say th  crying


-I just couldn’t believe it when I heard it. We were in school all of a sudden we were just told the President was dead.

It just, it wasn’t, it didn’t seem possible.

How do  you feel now?

-Like a daze. You don’t know what’s going on and why? Why did it happen?

Who would have done such a thing?…. is the question.


-This is a dark day in the history of America. This man, I think wanted to save America.

He is not dead. His spirit lives.

We are sorry. Deeply moved over this incident here in America.

I’m sorry.

– I just can’t believe it. It just. I feel like uh someone in my own family has died, has died. I just can’t believe it.

Looks like the comedian Chris Rock.

– It feels like a loss in the old family.

I think it’s a great loss to America.

– Came up the street, and I thought, no its not true, we are not without our President. We live in a Christian country. President Kennedy was a Christian. Please God, help his wife, his family. Give strength to his mother and to his ailing father. We will miss a great friend and a true Christian.

– We will all miss one of the greatest Presidents that ever was.

Thank you.

– I was shocked when I heard it and well they closed the City Hall in respect to him.

Everyone else was truly sorry it happened, and that’s all.

Ma’am how did the news affect you?

– I was shocked, deeply shocked. We miss, we’ve lost the uh very good President.

He was for the poor people and that’s what we need a President like that.


Those are typical reactions in Chicago and I imagine they’re fairly typical of the reactions across the country. There are several hours now since the news broke and the minds still reels at accepting the fact and it will continue to be an incredible tragedy for days to come. This is how Chicago feels. This is how the nation feels.

This is Russ Bensly in Chicago. Now back to CBS News in New York.


I do think these were very sweet and sincere reactions of the people in Chicago,

but I feel like the News people are relishing this loss to the American people. Not all of them obviously, but many of them.

I think we are being blamed for the assassination

kind of like Jackie saying she wants to wear a bloody dress all day so they can see what they have done

after smoke rises from her weapon, etc?

Doesn’t make sense,

but that’s machinery!


Charles Collingwood

That same sense of grief and disbelief is being expressed today all over the world by great people as well as by small ones.

We have some late film now from Dallas, Texas and so for that film we switch now to Dan Rather in Dallas. 


Dan Rather

As we mentioned a short while ago a number of arrests have been made in Dallas in the wake of President Kennedy’s death. We have scenes of one of those arrests in the downtown area. This was just after a Dallas Policeman was shot in the vicinity of a downtown movie house. The suspect was brought immediately to Police Headquarters. Uh, that particular suspect is among many who is being questioned. Uh, not all of them in connection with the uh shooting. Some of the uh suspects are simply are being questioned as to possibly what they saw. The Dallas Police Headquarters is literally alive with people who have been brought in off the streets uh arrested for one cause or another.

shows Oswald face  and eyes swollen



Eddie Barker:  Dan, there is a report that an arrest has been made in Fort Worth also of a suspect.

Dan Rather:  Eddie Barker of our affiliate station KRLD who was in Dallas who was covering the Presidents arrival today. uh At least a half dozen suspects or people identified as suspects by police have been picked up here in Dallas.

We also have the first films that we’ve had available of the Parkland Hospital. Well these are films of a pistol taken off one suspect in the down town area. Now, earlier reports said that the President had been shot with a 30-caliber weapon or some description, but that particular pistol was taken off of a suspect arrested in the down town area. We have the films taken at Parkland Hospital at the time the ambulance uh carrying the body of President Kennedy. I believe these are arrival films, are they not? This is

Eddie Barker:   No, this is when they’re getting ready to leave, I believe, Dan. I……

Dan Rather:  The group, the Presidential Party, coming out of the hospital.

Eddie Barker:   Yes yes yes.

Dan Rather:  Those particular people cannot be identified. They were part of the Presidential Party.

Eddie Barker:  The Presidents the Presidents secretary, Mrs. Lincoln, who came out about this time, but I’m not sure if that is her.

Dan Rather:  This is a scene at Dallas’s Parkland Hospital as the body of President Kennedy was brought out and taken to Dallas’s Love Field to be flown to Washington.

Eddie Barker:   Yes, it is.

Dan Rather:  The body is now now on route by plane to Washington. Also on route to Washington is the 36th President of the United States Lyndon Baines Johnson. It was quite a crowd at the Parkland Hospital about this time when the President’s body was taken away, but most of the crowd was away from that particular section of the hospital.

Earlier today down in Uvalde, Texas Former Vice President John Nance Garner celebrated his 95th birthday. Mr. Garner refused to grant any interview as such but in the course of a conversation with reporters this was some two hours before President Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas. Former Vice President under Franklin Roosevelt John Nance Garner said he felt that President Kennedy might become one of the great Presidents of this country. Former Vice President Garner a long time friend of Lyndon Johnson.

The center picture looks like Oswald is holding back a smile

after he looks at the guy behind him who is smiling.

Have you heard of Oswald Oil Company?

This is another scene at Dallas Police Headquarters of suspects being brought in. Suspects rounded up in practically all sections of town. We mentioned earlier that some rifle shells were found in a upper story of a multi story building right across the street from where President Kennedy was shot. Police a ringed/reined? (actually sounds like he says arraigned) that building and made a systematic search of it, but they did not arrest any suspect inside the building. Police have taken a number of weapons off persons that they believe to have been in the crowd. It has not been definitely determined that a 30-caliber weapon was the weapon used to kill President Kennedy. Uh those were the earlier reports and Dallas Police are working on that theory at the moment.

We have a statement that has been issued by

the Dallas Citizens Council, the Dallas Assembly, and the Science Research Center of Dallas. This statement is signed by Mr. J. E Johnson President of the Dallas Citizens Council, Mr. W. Dawson Sterling President of the Dallas Assembly, and Dr. Lloyd B. Burknor who is President of the Science Research Center.

And this statement says,

 Our hearts are filled with sorrow. We are deeply distressed and grieved that the respectful and enthusiastic welcome

in progress for our President

was terminated by an 

Act of Lunacy.

This is Dan Rather in Dallas, Texas with Eddie Barker. Back now to CBS Headquarters in New York:


Charles Collingwood

While the new President of the United States, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, sworn in in the Executive Cabin of the Presidential plane within 2 hours after President Kennedy’s death. While the new President is flying back to Washington reports come in from all over the world of the universal sense of shock and grief and disbelief with which the news of the President’s assassination was greeted.

In England, British Television Stations told their viewers tonight that President Kennedy had been killed and then suspended regular broadcasts.

The British Broadcasting Corporation and the Independent Television Network

went on the air playing funeral music in honor of the President.



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