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CBS News and JFK (The Day America Was Restored) Parts 61-65

Parts 61-65


Just so you know I cannot control how this appears because my sites are often are hacked because of the subject matter…Obviously I did not want a spire of words and pic’s but it is out of my control.

Charles Collingwood: 

This was the day the nation was restored to solemnity,

One would hope to sanity.

This was the day America went to bury its President,

The world to bury a leader.

As if this is sane?

                                                                              Or this? ————>

 Or how about Jackie changing her voice to Marilyn Monroes.

Is that normal?

I would call it DERANGED.

Here is a video and time code about this new voice told by Terry Moore:

Rivals: Jackie Kennedy Vs Marilyn Monroe (part 2) 1/2


Terry Moore says: “When I watched the tour through the White House I really laughed because I had met Jackie. My husband had dated Jackie Kennedy and um and I had met her several times. And I when I met her she didn’t have that voice. And I thought, whoa! (laughs) You know, I mean she just love loves Marilyn Monroe and she’s copied the voice.”

Is that normal?

Charles Collingwood of CBS News is the reporter in that video with Jackie. So why in the world does he act like he is above the insanity

when he must have been aware of her

“alter ego” and “alter voice”?


It’s still and quiet, no wind as the members of the family and close friends move out of the White House. The Attorney General and Senator Kennedy.

And now the procession as it comes out the gate a scene from across the street in Lafayette Park where a crowd has waited a cold clear air here now for several hours.

  Turning now into the East Front Plaza stopped at the base of the steps to the East Front.

Mrs. Kennedy in the veil of heavy mourning the two brothers-in-law in formal mourning coats

Now the military guard is bringing the casket out to the East Front



Crossing the intersection of 11th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue now the caisson

jet black moving …….drawn by the seven white horses followed by the riderless black horse. Flag draped casket now in full view of the crowds standing 3 and 4 deep here along Pennsylvania Avenue, the Avenue of the Presidents.

…….above the square the bell of St. John’s Episcopal Church tolls slowly

  female voice on this you tube says in a high pitched voice:

Hey Hey

 Mrs. Kennedy gets out

 Now in the background

the bag pipes of the Black Watch ….?…joined here the mourning….?…..

  ..?..out moving out

from the White House.

Now, the cassion approaches the West Gate

followed by the personal flag of the President of the United States

and the riderless horse.

  And now comes the family

the Attorney General Mrs. Kennedy and Senator Kennedy behind other members of the family and President Johnson…..and then in cars the first of the dignitaries.

And then, marching along behind ….heads of state in no particular formation, just walking ad lib and members of the White House Staff and people from the White House grounds here some of them falling into the procession to join the walk to the church.

Only one other woman  besides Mrs. Kennedy is scheduled to walk in this procession,

that is Queen Fredricka of Greece.

Is that normal?

Her future queen.

Makes sense to me!

Did Mrs. Kennedy not like women?

I guess women just didn’t fit in with her plans except, of course, the Queen of Greece.

Is that normal?

The dignitaries from the countries all over the world.

without their wives

Is Jackie considered to be their honorary mother, girl friend, wife,

and guardian

now that President John F. Kennedy

has been dealt with sow, sow, sow very efficiently?

 Many of them well recall President Kennedy’s words at his Inaugural Address

when he said:

My fellow citizens of the world

Ask not what America will do for you

But what together we can do

for freedom of man.


If you can call them that! (Men, that is.)

I would say they are very undignified and spineless, but obviously under her spell!)

He left out a part of that quote, but I’m sure there was a

very good and reasonable excuse

for that!

Mrs. Kennedy and her two children Caroline and John Jr. the Attorney General Robert Kennedy just behind her.

Being greeted now by Cardinal Cushing an old friend of the Kennedy family.

(and an admirer of Billy Graham and vice-versa

and probably a mutual friend of Maurice Tempelton, too

Isn’t that how Jackie first met JFK?)


Is that Nixon?

If you get a chance please read about 

The Stones of Amen


The Cardinal ascends the altar.

And will now recite the first hymn or chant of the mass.

The  song of the funeral mass pleads for eternal rest for the dead and reminds us that all that is flesh and blood must come before the throne of God.

Now comes the most important reading of the mass: The proclamation of the Holy Gospel.

The Cardinal prays that he may be worthy to perform this sacred task.

I guess this reporter knows latin,

because I sure would never have been able to figure that out.

All stand to demonstrate this respect for the Word of God.

(That they love to alter.)


Reporter translates the Latin:

As we offer our fruits and praise to God.

We pray to God for John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the servant of God

That he may be given everlasting rest.

In a moment the Cardinal will invite all to join with angels in unceasing prayer for the throne of God.

Unceasing eh? Give me a break. Let’s be honest now.

Do they really offer unceasing prayer to the Throne of God?

To fully take part in the Holy Sacrifice

and to do what our Lord wants

The congregation receives the sacramental body of Christ in the hands of the priests.


Charles Collinwood:

At the end of this morning’s Funeral mass the Bishop spoke and gave quotations from Mr. Kennedy’s own speeches and from his favorite passages of scripture, but there was not scope enough to encompass the man as the country remembers him. There was the sense of grandeur that the office bestows on any man who occupies it, the sense of history that was especially strong in him. His awareness of the world and it’s vast and changing horizons. What this service could not take in, because it was an occasion of death, was the feeling of life that was so strong in him and which was felt so strongly in what he said and did. It was the thing that outraged many people and delighted many others in him. This was the man who swam in the very mainstream of life, the games people played, the songs they sang, the books they read, the jokes they laughed all, were part of his own experience. He was young and he was the picture of life. This afternoon this feeling still clung to the memory of John FItzgerald Kennedy as he was carried in death from St. Matthews Cathedral to Arlington Cemetery.

Reporter reports:

Outside of St. Matthews Cathedral the casket bearing the body of the late President now emerges into the sunshine.

Cardinal Cushing now sprinkling Holy Water over the coffin and kissing the flag.

 Just behind the coffin come the immediate family,

Mrs. Kennedy,

John Jr.

and Caroline.

The Call To Arms as the caisson bearing the coffin of the late President is now drawn slowly by six silver white horses down Rhode Island Avenue toward Connecticut and the procession from

The St. Matthews Cathedral,

the solemn procession begins.

Here’s the turn by the caisson on six white horses.



Now th er caisson is on the Memorial Circle

There is the caisson again making it’s way into the cemetary. And so this stately, magnificent, majestic funeral procession has passed the Lincoln Memorial across the Potomac River for the final resting place of our 35th President.

New reporter reports:

The head of the procession has just entered Arlington Cemetery. Ready? The largest and certainly one of the most beautiful military cent cemeteries on er earth. Through the gates go the caisson. Now the caisson moves almost to the point at which it will be stopped and the casket of John F. Kennedy be borne to the gravesite.

The band plays The Star Spangled Banner

These are the bag pipes of the US Air Force Bag Pipe Contingent sounding off as the casket is removed from the ..?…

  Now the casket has reached the graveside.

Jets fly by. 

 …………?… honor of the late President.

Presidential valet/ballet? takes its position. Mrs. Kennedy is closest toward us.

And now the ceremonial drill.

Emanuel of the Irish God? (not sure if that was what was said.)

 In the name of the Father, and of his Son and of the Holy Ghost. Aye men.

Yep, that’s right YES MEN!

Let us pray.

Cardinal Cushing prays a prayer out loud but hard to understand his voice. So you have to hear it yourself on the  you-tube if  you want to know what was said.

I sure can’t understand it.

I doubt anyone there at the time understood either.

That is so helpful, too. But he has style, even if he can’t be understood. I’m sure that gives him the upper hand.

The man behind him is a bit snobbish but I guess when you can stand behind Cushing ….

It’s kind of Cushy!

So Is Cardinal Cushing the CUSH of the bible?

And I’ll I bet Putin of Russia is Put of the bible.

The land if Ur is the Ur-al mountain area in Russia?

Makes sense to me!


The soldiers fold the flag

Jackie lights the flame and passes it to two of the brothers (I think Robert and Ted) to do the same.

And the President belongs to the Ages

Charles Collingwood:

And now this fourth day of the nation’s ordeal is drawing to a close. We have lived through much history in these four days and as this fourth day ends the emphasis has subtly, but importantly shifted.

These four days began in consternation and grief

as the President was struck down

and the nations struggled to comprehend the tragedy.

They ended tonight with the focus on the new President surrounded at a great reception by the leaders of other nations and their emissaries. That is the way nations survive. The President may die, the Presidency must not. It is the mark of stable and successful nations that they order the succession of leadership in this wise and there is no struggle for control or faltering of direction. This must be so.

But it has put a terrible burden upon Mrs. Kennedy these last four days. She has had to transcend her own heartbreak and what must have been her own desire for solitude to play her public roll in the transition of power that had been so cruelly struck from her husband’s hands. Noone else had it in his power to give her strength, but in some profound way she gave strength to the nation and the world will not soon forget the image of that proud and beautiful young woman to whom faith has dealt such terrible blows doing what she had to do, unbroken and dry-eyed.  (?) Yet she sniffled.

Thus the nation continues, tomorrow the kings and princes and men of state will depart, the wheels of government will turn and all the threads of national life will be picked up, but everything will not be as it was for something has happened in these four days beyond the demonstration that our system is capable of an orderly transition of power.

There has been a drawing together of our people under the

compulsion of a shared experience.

That’s the important thing!  SOLIDARITY….right?

The political experts who never sleep

have brought up a number of technical factors

which they believe have greatly changed the political situation

in which next years elections are going to be held.

But there is another factor that they have not mentioned

we have been read a terrible lesson in the products of hate and malevolence

which Chief Justice Warren said in his eulogy yesterday,

have eaten into the bloodstream of American life.

They have also eaten into our politics.

I talked earlier about Chief Justice Earl Warren and his possible relationship to Rick Warren.

Chief Justice Warren was the head of the Warren Commission

which tucked this assassination under a rug with the help of Double Day Publishers

and Jackie Onassis who worked for Double Day Publishers

who helped in her fashion.

But in these four days there has been a revulsion against them. Not simply against the presumed politics of the President’s accused assassin, but against all the forces of unreason which have possessed us. By it’s brutality and senselessness the assassination of the President has served to put forth for the time being at any rate our politics in a new and more reasonable perspective.

For a time under the shadow of this tragedy our political dialogue may be a healthier conversation. That would be a fitting tribute to President Kennedy. He has striven for that and an auspicious climate for President Johnson to take up his task.

This is Charles Collingwood

Good night.

CBS News has presented


This is the CBS Television Network

Walter Cronkite:

It is said that the human mind has a greater capacity for remembering the pleasant than the unpleasant, but today was a day that will live in memory and in grief. Only history can write the importance of this day. Were these dark days the harbingers of even blacker ones to come or like the black before the dawn shall they lead to some still as yet indiscernable sunrise of understanding among men that violent words no matter what their origin or motivation can lead only to violent deeds. This is the larger question that will be answered in part in the manner that has shaken civilizations seeks the answers to the immediate questions who and most importantly what was Lee Harvey Oswald. A world’s doubts must be put to rest. Tonight there will few Americans who will go to bed without carrying with them a sense that somehow they have failed. If in a search of our conscience we find a new dedication to the American concepts that brook no political, sectional, religious or racial divisions. And maybe it may yet be possible to say that John Fitzgerald Kennedy did not die in vain.

That’s the way it is,

Monday November 25th, 1963.

This is Walter Cronkite.

Good night.


But not really!


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